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Learning from each other

Dear all,

We have now finished feeding back on your Behaviour Management blog posts. Many thanks to you all. These have been very interesting to read and we hope the feedback we have given will help you all to develop both your thinking about professional practice as well as your writing. The spirit of this module is very much that we are focusing on the process of professional development which is both individual and a collaborative.

With this in mind,  if you if you haven’t done so already please go and read some of your fellow students’ blogs. They are well worth it as they show different insights into the various and many ways that schools approach behaviour management but still maintain some of the fundamental principles that underpin effective behaviour management, as well as how complex the issue is.

Also could you approve your feedback so it is visible, as we can learn from each other. We also need to ensure that feedback is visible to our external examiner later in the course.

So what happens next? We would strongly advise you to review your feedback and blog posts to consider how they can be improved further in the light of the feedback. So, for example, you might need to make some corrections to referencing or with regards to clarity and proof reading. Or perhaps you didn’t refer to the Rogers (2015) reading we expected you to use in blog post 2. It is fine to go back and re-edit any post up until the final submission in December.

If you do return to a post to improve it, please briefly summarise and date the changes you have made at the end of the post, so we can easily see what changes you have made when we finally assess your blog.

One final general comment. Some of you are really beginning to utilise what the medium of blogging offers in terms of sharing multimedia sources. There is a wealth of material out there about education. For example here’s a thought-provoking short video from Dylan Wiliam on avoiding some of the pitfalls of group work or collaborative learning:

If you want to find out how to embed video like this see the quick tutorial I’ve done at the following link here. Or see below:

Best wishes all!