WordPress Help

Video Tutorials

You might find some of these short video tutorials of help when editing your site for the assignment. There are also many help videos available on YouTube.

Creating new pages in WordPress

Organising Menus

Embedding Video in WordPress

 Creating Your First Blog Post

It’s important to remember that a blog post is different to a static webpage in that each time you write a post it appears at the top of the screen and previous posts are all underneath in chronological order. You might also want to draft and edit your blog post first in another application before posting it to your WordPress blog. However you can always go back and edit a post. If you are not sure how to post to your WordPress blog then watch this video tutorial below from wpbuddynet which takes you through the basics and also shows you how to insert images. However, please remember that if you are going to publish images on your blog (which we would encourage you to do) you should follow good copyright practices which means either:

  1. Source your images ethically by searching on photo sharing sites (Flickr, Google etc) for images that are made available under Creative Commons licenses, and acknowledge your source, or;
  2. Use only images that you own the copyright for, or;
  3. Ask for permission

Source: wpbuddynet


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